An essay on nsw bushfires in 1994

During the severe season, which lasted from 1 July to 28 Februarythere were bushfires recorded. There has been a long, dramatic history of bushfires on the continent, with fires first sparking around five million years ago when dry grassland began to dominate the landscape. Prior to this period, Australia was predominately composed of lakes, wetlands, rivers and rainforests, conditions far too wet to foster bushfires.

An essay on nsw bushfires in 1994

Public Policy and Fire Advances in legislation, policy, and management Our formal response to fire has evolved over the decades. The table below highlights significant fire seasons of NSW left and significant changes to our governance of fire policy and management right. Wentworth Falls and the Lower Blue Mountains were affected as well.

Fires burn in Wollongong, destroying homes and rainforest. Heavy stock losses in the Southern Highlands. Four lives and houses lost. Section 44 allows for the RFS Commissioner to take charge of firefighting operations and is invoked when a particular fire situation has assumed proportions greater than the capacity of the locally responsible firefighting authority.

Nearly 1,ha burnt, extensive property losses, three lives lost. A feature of the fire season was the extensive use of aerial support in various capacities—fire detection; observation; visual and electronic reconnaissance; fire suppression; command, control and communications; and transportation for remote area fire teams.

At the height of firefighting operations, aircraft 80 per cent of them rotary were deployed across the state in support of the suppression effort.

Major impacts also in Canberra. The Association was concerned with developing firebreak systems and other means of preventing fires on vacant Crown Land.

An essay on nsw bushfires in 1994

Helicopters used for the first time in firefighting. Educational resource materials also produced and provided to local councils, community organisations, and schools. Land managers and participating organisations encouraged to establish committees responsible for coordinating all fire and fire-related activities within the Council area.

The upgrade provided the latest weather recording and communications equipment available at that time. Seven Regional Fire Associations formed to exercise functional responsibility for fire trail construction and protection measures on unoccupied Crown Land.

AIIMS provides a consistent, universally understood and applied system to manage complex multi-agency operations. AIIMS is often applied to bushfire but it can operate effectively for any type of incident. The ICS is a set of personnel, policies, procedures, facilities, and equipment integrated into a common structure designed to facilitate and improve multi-agency emergency response operations.

The fund resourced the 2, Bush Fire Brigades with the design and provision of equipment. Today, over units exist with over 7, volunteer members across metropolitan and regional NSW.

The act enabled preparation of risk management plans with a range of treatments, in recognition that protecting communities in bush fire prone areas involved more than simply managing fuel.

For the year ending Julya total of 70, volunteers responded to 18, events across NSW. From to now — improved hazard reduction Since the fires, hazard reduction operations have become more coordinated and widespread.

These hazard reduction works are directed at reducing the intensity of fires. They do not stop fires altogether, but rather recognise that many fires of low intensity are more manageable than a single fire of high intensity.

The Act provides a streamlined approval process for landholders wanting to undertake hazard reduction works on their own land. Further advice as to hazard reduction on your own property can be obtained by contacting your local Fire Control Centre, which for the Blue Mountains is in Katoomba.

The Act also allows for you to lodge a complaint if you feel other public or private land presents a bushfire hazard. Further information and links: The Burning Approval Process.

Inurban planning and individual developments did not account for whether an area was prone to bushfire.

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Furthermore, standards did not exist that regulated the materials used in buildings. Today, councils maintain maps that designate bush fire prone land within their local government areas.

Bush fire prone land is land that can carry a bushfire, designated as Category 1 or 2 vegetation, or land subject to bushfire attack, designated as a bushfire buffer.

Category 1 vegetation appears as orange on the map and represents forests, woodlands, heathlands, pine plantations and wetlands.

Category 2 vegetation appears as yellow on the map and represents grasslands, scrublands, rainforests, open woodlands and mallee.Bushfires and bushfires in Australia, Natural hazards, Disasters, SOSE: Geography, Year 8, QLD Introduction Australia is frequently ravaged by bushfires, more so than any other country in the world.

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During the severe season, which lasted from 1 July to 28 February , there were bushfires recorded. There has been. Australia has a history of severe bushfires. Such tragedies as the Ash Wednesday fires of February (71 deaths in Victoria and South Australia), the Tasmanian fires of February (62 lives, more than houses and buildings lost) and the New South Wales bushfires of , place bushfires high on the list of Australia's natural disasters.

This month marks two significant anniversaries for the NSW RFS – the tragic January bush fires which affected large parts of the state, and the January bush fires which are still having long-lasting effects on local communities.

An essay on nsw bushfires in 1994

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Bushfires in NSW: An Update 1 INTRODUCTION Bushfires are an intrinsic part of the NSW landscape. They are a natural hazard January Bushfires along NSW coast from Bateman's Bay to the Queensland border March (NSW Cabinet Committee) Cabinet Committee on Bush Fire Management and Control.

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