Sundown bakery case study

Login How do changes in the demographic makeup of Sundown Bakeries reflect transformation of the large workforce? As the bakery grew, the changes In the demographic makeup started to appear In the cultural differences and In many other demographical aspects. For example, Cultural impact on communication exposed Sundown management to have challenges on delivering important information and messages efficiently. Consider the following dimensions of culture as you describe the impact of culture of communication within he company:

Sundown bakery case study

Nielsen in collaboration with two cohort members[footnoteRef: In accordance with the Saint Marys University of Minnesota Good Name Policy, collaborators names have been withheld from the public version of this document Saint Marys University of Minnesota,p.

Sundown BakeryIntroductionSundown Bakery is riddled with communication and cultural misunderstandings that threaten the daily functions of the business. An analysis of the issues roots, as well as a strategic, company-wide approach to improving communication practices and cultural understanding, may help to restore the businesss family reputation, team cohesiveness, and productivity.

Miscommunication and ResentmentWhen the business first started, it was a small business with a family feel.

Sundown Bakery | Case Study Template

The owners, Carol and Bruce, had only three employees and one shop, and so communication was very personal and usually in-person. As the business expanded, roles shifted, and the business opened two new locations, necessitating the hire of an operations manager. Hans Mikelson had a background with a national chain versus a small family business.

He instituted changes, including a dress code, menu expansion, and an employee manual. Communicating these changes via memo caused the staff to become furious at the management, whom they referred to as bureaucrats. It seems likely that the causes of resentment stemmed from the communication that happened via memo versus communicating in-person and could have been better handled with a collaborative style instead of a directive style.

Prior to the expansion, there was a level of familiarity and comfort with the open flow of ideas. One way Hans Mikelson might have communicated the changes could have been in-person at a staff meeting. Alternately, he could have gathered input during the policy development stage through hosting company-wide forums.

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This would have allowed staff to engag[e] in unfiltered and passionate debate of ideas Lencioni,p. This growing company needs to get back on track in order to avoid becoming a dysfunctional team.

Lencioni recommends tools for establishing trust that include personal histories and other team effectiveness exercises to help team members relate to each other on a more personal basis.

Having the team take a strengths-based personality inventory Rath, and engage in conflict openly would increase communication and may lead to more trust, commitment, accountability, and attention to results Lencioni, This includes sharing your facts, telling your story, asking for others to share their stories, talking tentatively, and encouraging testing Patterson et al.

This method opens up opportunities for discussion where people feel safe and heard. The employees who have been with the company a long time would likely appreciate a return to an open exchange of ideas, and people new to the company would feel safer in adding their input.

The current mentality of the workers against upper management creates a factional team where individual team members are loyal to their faction, not to the team itself Field,p. Communication issues have been further complicated by business expansion.

As a natural consequence of expansion, middle management positions have been added that distance the owners from employees at the lower end of the staff hierarchy.

Sundown bakery case study

Owner Bruces interactions with the bakery are limited to a few hours a week, and the time is not dedicated to engaging with staff but rather to communicating with a middle manager Maurice. The employees path to action Patterson et al.OL Sundown Bakery Case Study 1.

SUNDOWN BAKERY 1 Case Study: Sundown Bakery Melissa A. Nielsen in collaboration with two cohort members1 Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs OL Collaboration and Team-Building September 29, 1 In accordance with the Saint .

Sundown Bakery Case Study Sundown Bakery Case Study Sundown Bakery reads like a typical small business story where rapid growth can be as detrimental and hard to manage as rapid contraction. Small business owners are typically the type of people who are rich with specific skills, but are missing fundamental management skills and are often ill.

Sundown Bakery Sundown Bakery Case Study Sundown Bakery In the Sundown Bakery situation, the business started as a small operation, but as it expanded it led to changes in the way it was run.

The family feeling and closeness that was once strong was less noticeable. The new employees did not even know Bruce and Carol, the owners, and the old. Sundown Bakery Case Study The New Employee Profile Jose is from Brazil and does not feel comfortable taking orders from a woman There are two openly gay bakers.

Sundown Bakery Case Study Words Dec 20th, 9 Pages 1) Analyse the likely causes of the resentment over the employee manual and uniforms by considering the impact of the sender, message, decoding, feedback, context, and probable sources of .

OL Sundown Bakery Case SUNDOWN BAKERY 4 Case Study: Sundown Bakery Melissa A. Nielsen in collaboration with two cohort members[footnoteRef:1] [1: In accordance with the Saint Maryâs University of Minnesota Good Name Policy, collaboratorsâ names have been withheld from the public version of this document (Saint Maryâs University of Minnesota, , p.


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