Swat codes

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Swat codes

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The militarization of United States police forces has received a lot of attention in recent years, especially after high profile incidents in places like the Missouri town of Swat codes and other police shootings across the U.

Scholars have tended to focus on these U. Our research examines militarization within Canadian police forces over the last decade. We studied 10 large and medium-sized Canadian police forces, comprising eight municipal police forces, one provincial police force and one federal police force from across seven different provinces.

Deployments of SWAT teams — Swat codes weapons and tactics units — have risen in major Canadian cities and are higher in some cases than those by U.

Swat codes

SWAT teams, once considered a last-resort option for police forces, are now being used in routine areas of policing. A community activist tries to persuade a group of protesters to move back as police in riot gear watch protesters in Ferguson, Mo.

Inthe average yearly number of deployments for Canadian tactical units was about 60 total per unit. Our results show the average yearly number of deployments for Canadian tactical units is now approximately 1, per unit, an increase of roughly 2, per cent in 37 years.

Even among SWAT teams whose deployments have decreased at some point in the last five years, none that we looked at saw similar decreases to their number of assigned officers. So while their deployments may have decreased, the size of their teams have not.

As criminologist Swat codes Kraska has argued, the paramilitary subculture embraced by SWAT teams is influential on police officersand tricky to scale back once normalized. What the numbers say Though SWAT team deployments in Vancouver and Ottawa generally fluctuated between and times each year, they deployed fewer times than teams in other jurisdictions.

Deployments of other SWAT teams were higher in number. The information provided by the OPP further revealed that their tactical force has consistently deployed at just under 1, times to somewhat over 2, times each year since Although the unit deployed at a similarly high rate to those of the OPP and Winnipeg inits deployments declined in each examined year to just over in Drug warrants, suspicious incidents, traffic violations If SWAT team deployments were limited to only those situations requiring their equipment and skills, such as hostage-takings and terror threats, there would perhaps be less cause for concern.

But similar to previous research conducted in the U. Instead, routine policing represented the majority of SWAT team use. SWAT teams are increasingly being used by public police for routine activities such as executing warrants, traffic enforcement, community policing and responding to mental health crises and domestic disturbances.

The consequences of militarization fall disproportionately on minority groups, those with mental health issues and those exercising democratic rights associated with political expression. Canadian police forces have been largely silent on the expansion of their SWAT teams, though some have suggested the expansion produces greater value to taxpayers.

Meanwhile, SWAT team budgets climb ever higher as their use expands. The Winnipeg unit executed almost warrants inless than inyet more than most other SWAT teams. SWAT teams regularly engage in routine policing, including responding to minor offences or even non-criminal incidents.

The Regina Police task force unit is described on its website as: Winnipeg has high deployments The Winnipeg tactical unit was the most engaged in community policing. SWAT team deployments in response to individuals with mental health issues, suicide threats and well-being checks were also common.

The Calgary tactical unit was called to more than incidents in ; while decreasing each year, the unit still responded to more than 60 such incidents in By contrast, the Winnipeg tactical unit has responded to an increasing number of incidents.

There were fewer than 20 suicide threats and well-being checks recorded in the daily occurrence report; in the report, there were almost such deployments. Given that SWAT teams are the most heavily armed and armoured police units, it is concerning that they have a significant role in responding to individuals suffering from mental health issues.

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Future for policing in Canada? This should not be taken to mean that SWAT teams do not play an active role in policing in Canada, or that Canadian police forces are not becoming militarized. More significant is that there was strong evidence suggesting Canadian SWAT teams are routinely being used in reactive and proactive work that falls outside their intended function — and frequently outside of what is revealed to the public.

The involvement of SWAT teams in such activities highlights their expanding role in policing, suggesting a high degree of normalization which is indicative of militarization.

There is no meaningful oversight for normalization and expansion of police militarization across the U. Militarization does not merely affect interactions between the state and criminal offenders, it changes what policing is by changing what police officers do.Using SWAT Environmental Promotion Codes SWAT Environmental offers discounts and special offers through both text links and banners as well as coupons and promotion codes.

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Swat codes

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Rise of the SWAT team: Routine police work in Canada is now militarized