The adventure of the speckled band essay questions

These are all the things good detective story will include. To compare two detective stories and see how they differ, you need to know that that they have these things in common. Both of my two chosen detective stories have these qualities, and in this essay, I will be trying to find out how and why they are different. It gives the impression of something sweet and innocent — like a lamb, being killed or sacrificed.

The adventure of the speckled band essay questions

Nevertheless, he liberally used traditional Gothic tropes to create the very atmosphere of irrational fear that he would then dispel with reason.

The opening often begins with a description of the scene where the story will occur.

The adventure of the speckled band essay questions

In Gothic literature it will usually involve a painting of a picture of gloom which is composed of an ancient ruined building, a family that is decaying with no heirs, and a conflict that involves the repression or murder of a woman, or both. To contrast with another genre, such as science fiction, the opening would be a scene that occurs on a beautiful planet light years away from Earth.

Instead of decay one might expect to be enticed by a beautiful beyond imagination world where we want to live. The same contrast can be made with a western genre novel.

It involves a scene where we would love to live. The conflict in these other genres may or may not involve a woman, and the conflict is often not with another human, but often with the challenge of living in a new world, with conflict involving alien beings.

Also, in science fiction the climax and resolution is often happy, and humanity survives and triumphs over aliens. In Gothic literature, the ending is not happy in the traditional sense.

Doyle introduces the apparent supernatural to produce the dark Gothic mood and tone of the story and uses classic Gothic tropes like oppression of women, and murder, which are set in a dark, decaying estate in the possession of an heirless male to introduce the uncanny in his story.

This was a familiar technique of Gothic authors during this time. Doyle will nonetheless use science to explain the apparently uncanny or supernatural and bring the plot line to resolution. His description of the villain Dr.

Roylott correlates his physical appearance with the interior evil of the man as was common during this period. In relating an uncanny resemblance with evil, Doyle does not deviate from classic Gothic literature. Part of the intuitive suggestion of calling a piece of literature Gothic is to inform the reader that this genre of literature invokes the dark and supernatural.

This is exactly what Doyle is doing by giving us a scientific explanation for every apparently supernatural occurrence. Doyle is showing us his derision of the former ages by using the scientific to expose the delusions.

Gothic literature informs the reader that this piece of literature will invoke a connection with the dark past.

The term Gothic originated from the architectural style defined during the medieval times when the Catholic Church built huge cathedrals. These cathedrals had pointed arches, pointed windows, angels, ribbed vaulting, and stained glass windows.

There were designed to give the impression of a gateway to the heavens. However, the references soon became dark as the abuses of the Church that led to the reformation started to be reflected in the Gothic literature. Images of the Spanish Inquisition are also sometimes eluded in the literature.

Now the windows often are used to illustrate the dark of a stormy night, and the only light is when the moon is uncovered to reveal some evil of the night. The reader can also expect that the Gothic architecture will be reflected in the literature as a building in ruins.

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The family also can be expected to be portrayed as in ruins and heirless. Every aspect from the architecture, buildings, weather, characters, and plot will be somehow having a decayed and dark tone. Gothic architecture is defined in a more dark way as illustrated in Sir Bertrand: This shows the classic decay in the use of word antique framed in a moon-lit night.

The decay makes us think of death, which is something we all fear, and provoking this fear in us is a classic Gothic literature technique.

In contrast to science fiction and western genre the architecture is often beautiful, well maintained, and used to illustrate success or civilization advancement in the case of science fiction.

We are left asking ourselves if they have anything to do with the murder because the Gypsies make us think of curses and magic, which are often used for an evil purpose in Gothic literature. In traditional Gothic literature the family is often portrayed as heirless and in ruins much as the Gothic Architecture illustrates.

In the story I chose to analyze, The Adventure of the Speckled Band, the family and residence is portrayed as follows: In the last century, however, four successive heirs were of a dissolute and wasteful disposition, and the family ruin was eventually completed by a gambler, in the days of the Regency.

Nothing was left save a few acres of ground and the two-hundred year old house, which is itself crushed under a heavy mortgage…the last squire dragged out his existence there living the horrible life of an aristocratic pauper, but his only son, my stepfather… Doyle Again, a familiar Gothic trope of an heirless male living in a decaying estate is portrayed.

This is to add an uncanny element to the story by inferring that something supernatural is about to occur at this type of estate as readers of this time were used to experience in traditional Gothic literature. Of course, Doyle will in the end explain the uncanny with science through the use of the character Holmes.

The Gothic literature structure is a formulaic plot although authors will use variations at times.

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Often in Gothic literature it is a man who is involved in the mystery of how the family came into ruin, and how and why a woman was murdered and oppressed.

Other women will sometimes be involved in the resolution of the plot. Women in Gothic literature are also reflected in their dark dress.

Doyle will use science to explain this apparently unexplainable death which is his twist on the Gothic approach.SPEC 2 Date of The Adventure of the Speckled Band Although the story may contain other clues as to the date of the adventure, use only the clues shown below.

Your goal is to use only logical reasoning to find the. “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” Ciphers —Numerous examples of ciphers including simple (see “monoalphabetical”) substitution ciphers (such as Caesar and Atbash) and transposition ciphers.

The Adventure of the Speckled Band Short Answer Test - Answer Key Arthur Conan Doyle This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately pages of tests, . Speckled Band, Adventures of the - Movie vs Story Comparison TEXT = "The Adventures of the Speckled Band" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle FILM = A mi.

Comparing Lamb to the Slaughter and The Speckled Band Essay Words | 3 Pages the Slaughter and The Speckled Band This essay is a comparison of two short stories 'Lamb to the Slaughter' and 'The Speckled Band' by highlighting the techniques that make it classic or not a classic crime novel.

The Adventure Of The Speckled Band Essay The Adventure Of The Speckled Band English Literature Essay Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a sparkling author of detective stories; he sold millions of them, which captivated the public. For additional practice, complete the reflection assignment based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Adventure of the Speckled Band.” Be sure to look closely at the rubric for detailed information about evaluating the effectiveness of the paragraphs you write. The Adventure of the Speckled Band Essay Topics & Writing Assignments Arthur Conan Doyle This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.

The Adventure of the Speckled Band:A young woman named Helen Stoner contacts Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson for aid in foiling the villainous plans of her stepfather.

The Final Problem: In the story, Watson writes of Sherlock Holmes's final adventure in which Sherlock goes against Moriarty in a life-or-death chess match.

The adventure of the speckled band essay questions
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