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A blog about incredible artists from all spheres of Artistry Thesis Concept Store May 1, — 4 Comments Co-founder of Thesis Concept Store — Wandile-Zondo Taking a chance with a dream and a passion that seems impossible to accomplish, changes the dreamer. The dream is moulded and shaped, taking its time to transform when everything else alters or remains constant. If the dream is as important to the visionary; he works at it and prays it become a success.

Thesis concept store blog

Email As consumers we have high demands of the bike industry: We want to ride bumpy gravel and smooth tarmac, we want fat tires on lightweight bikes, we speed and comfort. And thanks to the growing consumer-direct market, we want it all for a wallet-friendly price.

Thesis concept store blog

Former pro mountain biker and industry veteran Randall Jacobs is the latest to step up to this challenge with his recently launched brand, Thesis, and the OB1.

The adventure-oriented frame features endurance road geometry with clearance for wide tires, ample mounting points for racks and extra accessories, and a completely customizable package.

From crank arm and stem length, down to drive train package and wheels, when ordering the OB1, consumers can completely tailor the bike to their preferences. For wheels, Thesis offers proprietary ultra-wide b or aero c rim choices.

And the variety of handlebars, stems and seat posts — including a dropper post! Well, like other consumer-direct models, Thesis cuts out the middle man.

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They ship the bikes from their factory directly to your doorstep, cutting any labor, retail and name brand componentry costs. As a result you get a high-end custom bicycle for half the price of an equivalent retail-store bought bicycle.

Thesis concept store blog

However, there is a pretty big catch: However, upon buying a Thesis bike, they do require you to sign a waiver acknowledging that you are either a professional mechanic or bringing your OB1 to a certified and insured shop. However, that savings comes with a bit of a wait.

Thesis is currently waitlisting pre-sales and is anticipating a 16 to 20 week shipping time for each order.The reasons for that 3 button/2 button "rule" are more practical than traditional I believe.

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• Hegel's chief dialectical format consists of a two-concept thesis, a two-concept antithesis, and a two-concept synthesis that borrows one concept from the thesis and one from the antithesis.

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This guy went to his master's thesis presentation looking like this : Justfuckmyshitup