Zutara essay

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Zutara essay

Zutara essay

So, I have been a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender since it came out in Plus, it was the first show were I discovered shipping. I am a major Katara and Aang Kataang fan. I was shocked, but I liked Kataang so much that it didn't matter. I could never ever see Zuko and Katara together.

They just never ever had that bonding friendship, until the end of the second season; which was over as fast as it started.

It just didn't make any sense in the beginning season to me that people would match Katara and Zuko. If she liked friend wise Zuko and vice versa they wouldn't have been fighting like crazy in the season one finale.

Recently, I read a book called Click: I learned that a big part of making a instant connection is becoming vulnerable. Not that Zuko and Katara didn't share that same feeling, but I think it different due to the fact that Katara and Aang had a foundation of friendship.

I do admire the friendship that Zuko and Katara had when the show ended. What made people just connect Zuko and Katara together? And Kataangers; what made you ship Kataang?Happy Zutara Month, everybody! What, you didn’t know that was a thing that existed?

Well, it is, and it does, and it has for at the very least the nine years that have gone by since the finale of the original Avatar: The Last Airbender tore that ship apart, set it on flame, and then [ ]. Teacher essay topics lawsuit essay for intermediate host arranged marriage essay zutara fanfiction english essay about food pyramid columbian exchange essay begins the structure of essay writing powerpoint.

About creative writing jobs in london achieving the dream essay william trueheart help on essay conclusion history essay favorite show tv. Aug 12,  · i own nothing. leave suggestions for more video ideas for me!!! Zutara is born from the development and the growth of trust while kataang seems to be born from a misunderstanding of love.

Katara loves Aang, but not in the way he wants and until the final episode nothing has been done to show otherwise. The next most attractive thing about Zutara is the fact that Katara and Zuko are nearly complete opposites. Katara can still cling to her youth in some aspects, but Zuko had to grow up very quickly.

She was a peasant living in the harshest environment on Earth, trying to stay alive, and he is a prince. May 22,  · I'LL DELETE SPOILER FOR THE FINAL EPISODES! Here I am with the BEST entry scene I ever had in my music videos!!! ;-) I .

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